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Change As Art

"This website will document the ability of art to make measurable changes – in a community, in a space, in people’s lives. Projects are simply documented and categorized to facilitate research in this area; we aren’t critiquing or otherwise commenting on the nature or quality of the works presented.

We are particularly interested in art as intervention; pieces that physically change a place, pieces that implicate community members in its creation, pieces that take information and transform it into something digestible, comprehensible, and, frequently, beautiful."

On Art Activism by Boris Groys…

Make Art With Purpose

"Discover how artists around the world are making art that leads to positive social and environmental change and learn how to produce these projects in your community."

Jane Goodall's Roots And Shoots

"Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots is the youth-led community action and learning program of the Jane Goodall Institute. The program builds on the legacy and vision of Dr. Jane Goodall to place the power and responsibility for creating community-based solutions to big challenges in the hands of the young people. Through the program, young people map their community to identify specific challenges their neighborhoods face. From there, they prioritize the problems, develop a plan for a solution, and take action."…

:bulletorange: "I feel like there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." - Van Gogh
:bulletorange: "Remember particularly that you cannot be a judge of anyone. For no one can judge a criminal, until he recognizes that he is just such a criminal as the man standing before him, and that he perhaps is more than all men to blame for that crime. When he understands that, he will be able to be a judge. Though that sounds absurd, it is true. If I had been righteous myself, perhaps there would have been no criminal standing before me." -Zosimas (in The Brothers Karamazov)
:bulletorange: "There is nothing useful in anger, nor does it kindle the mind to warlike deeds; for virtue, being self-sufficient, never needs the help of vice." and ""...what use is anger when the same end may be accomplished by reason? Anger is not expedient even in battle or in war; for it is prone to rashness, and while it seeks to bring about danger, does not guard against it." -Seneca
:bulletorange: "Generosity is more fun" -Bob Thurman
:bulletorange: "This method is nonaggressive physically but strongly aggressive spiritually" and "the nonviolent resister does not seek to humiliate or defeat the opponent but to win his friendship and understanding...The end of violence or the aftermath of violence is bitterness. The aftermath of nonviolence is reconciliation and the creation of a beloved community" -Martin Luther King Jr.
:bulletorange: “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” ―Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
:bulletorange: "If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other." -Mother Teresa
:bulletorange: "The ultimate source of a happy life is warm-heartedness. This means extending to others the kind of concern we have for ourselves. On a simple level we find that if we have a compassionate heart we naturally have more friends. And scientists today are discovering that while anger and hatred eat into our immune system, warm-heartedness and compassion are good for our health" -Dalai Lama
:bulletorange: "If we did all the things we were capable of doing we would literally astonish ourselves" -Thomas Edison
:bulletorange: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that" and "Let no man pull you so low as to hate him.” -Martin Luther King Jr.
:bulletorange: "Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistant basis is exactly what you will experiance in your life" -Anthony Robbins
:bulletorange: "Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace" -Dalai Lama
:bulletorange: "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen" -Winston Churchill
:bulletorange: "Our prime purpose is to help others. and if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them." -Dalai Lama. Which also translates to "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all"!
:bulletorange: “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing” – Socrates

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Note the group with literature or links about a cause you would like to spread awareness about and it will be added here, or made into a group journal.


Please donate to help wounded vets:

STOP VIOLENCE!! Please support this campaign!
A Subtle Violence TEASER ART by rodolforever
I have the privilege of working with atalented New filmaker, Justin Colon, on his new short film, "A SUBTLE VIOLENCE," which is about an eminent scientist who, haunted by the murder of his family, obsesses to find a way to chemically remove violent tendencies in humans but in doing so must confront the violence of his own actions.
This short film is thought-provoking and has the ability to make a difference.

We're using to raise the funds for our film. We have 30 days to raise our entire budget, which has been set at $7,500 (the bare minimum necessary to shoot our film), or we won't get a penny- Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing scheme. Please facebook message the link, post it on your facebook walls, twitter it, email it, text it, etc... Even a dollar makes a difference. And my art will be able to be reproduced and used throughout various continents.
If you can´t support this proyect financialy please just go to the link:…
and give us a LIKE ...spread the word

-----edit: the kickstarter has reached it's goal and exceed it! I believe they are in the production stage of the film
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Here are a few of his writings and teachings on non-violence, sourced from website writes that Agape "was central to Dr. King’s theology and philosophy of nonviolent social change" and it appears in many of his speeches and writings. His teachings on this helped to motivate people to "engage in militant, transformative direct action by accepting suffering without retaliation and returning good for evil"
The excerpt below on love and agape is from a speech at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, which can be found in audio and PDF form here:…

"You know there are three words in the Greek language for love. There is the word eros, and eros is a sort of aesthetic love. Plato talks about it a great deal in his Dialogue, the yearning of the soul for the realm of the divine. It has come to us to be sort of a romantic love. So in this sense we all know about eros. We have read about it in the beauties of literature; we have experienced it in our own lives. Then the Greek language talks about philos which is another level of love, so to speak. This is friendship. This is the sort of reciprocal love. On this level we love because we are loved. It is intimate affection between personal friends. We love those people that we like. Then the Greek language comes out with another word, calls it agape. Agape is more than aesthetic or romantic love. Agape is more than friendship. Agape is understanding, creative, redemptive good will for all men. It is an over-flowing love that seeks nothing in return. Theologians would say that it is the love of God operating in the human heart. And so when one rises to love at this point, he loves men not because he likes them, not because their ways appeal to him; but he loves every man because God loves him. He rises to the point that he is able to love the person who does the evil deed, while hating the deed that the person does, I think that this is what Jesus meant when he said, "Love your enemies," and I am so happy that he didn't say, "Like your enemies," because it is difficult to like some people. It is difficult to like what some people are doing to us. It is difficult to like somebody who bombs your home or somebody who Is threatening your children. It is difficult to like them, but Jesus says, "Love them," And love greater than like. Like is sentimental and affectionate, but love is understanding, creative, redemptive good will for all men. And I believe that this is the type of love that must guide us through this period of transition. And with this we will be able to enter the new age with the proper attitude. We will not seek to rise from a position of disadvantage to one of advantage, thus subverting justice. We will not seek to substitute one tyranny for another."

These following excerpts are from The King Center website at
Nonviolence: The Only Road to Freedom
By Martin Luther King Jr.

Whole article here:…

Selected quotes from the article:
“I am convinced that for practical as well as moral reasons, nonviolence offers the only road to freedom for my people. Violence as a strategy for social change in America is nonexistent. All the sound and fury seems but the posturing of cowards whose bold talk produces no action and signifies nothing.”

“It is always amusing to me when a Negro man says that he can’t demonstrate with us because if someone hit him he would fight back. Here is a man whose children are being plagued by rats and roaches, whose wife is robbed daily at overpriced ghetto food stores, who himself is working for about two-thirds the pay of a white person doing a similar job and with similar skills, and in spite of all this daily suffering it takes someone spitting on him and calling him a nigger to make him want to fight.
Conditions are such for Negroes in America that all Negroes ought to be fighting aggressively. It is as ridiculous for a Negro to raise the question of self-defense in relation to nonviolence as it is for a soldier on the battlefield to say his is not going to take any risks. He is there because he believes that the freedom of his country is worth the risk of his life. The same is true of the nonviolent demonstrator. He sees the misery of his people so clearly that he volunteers to suffer in their behalf and put an end to their plight.
Sit in
Furthermore, it is extremely dangerous to organize a movement around self-defense. The line between defensive violence and aggressive or retaliatory violence is a fine line indeed. When violence is tolerated even as a means of self-defense there is a grave danger that in the fervor of emotion the main fight will be lost over the question of self-defense.”

“Our position depends a lot on more than political power, however. It depends on our ability to marshal moral power as well. As soon as we lose the moral offensive, we are left with only our ten percent of the power of the nation.”
Rosa Parks
“The power of the nonviolent march is indeed a mystery. It is always surprising that a few hundred Negroes marching can produce such a reaction across the nation. When marches are carefully organized around well-defined issues, they represent the power with Victor Hugo phrased as the most powerful force in the world, "an idea whose time has come." Marching feet announce that time has come for a given idea. When the idea is a sound one, the cause is a just one, and the demonstration a righteous one, change will be forthcoming. But if any of these conditions are not present, the power for change is missing also. A thousand people demonstrating for the right to use heroin would have little effect. By the same token, a group of ten thousand marching in anger against a police station and cussing out the chief of police will do very little to bring respect, dignity and unbiased law enforcement. Such a demonstration would only produce fear and bring about an addition of forces to the station and more oppressive methods by the police.”
Washington D.C.

The Power of Nonviolence
By Martin Luther King Jr.

Whole article here:…

Selected quotes from the article:
“…the nonviolent resister does not seek to humiliate or defeat the opponent but to win his friendship and understanding.”

“The end of violence or the aftermath of violence is bitterness. The aftermath of nonviolence is reconciliation and the creation of a beloved community”

“nonviolent resistance is also an internal matter. It not only avoids external violence or external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit. And so at the center of our movement stood the philosophy of love. The attitude that the only way to ultimately change humanity and make for the society that we all long for is to keep love at the center of our lives.”

“(Agape) is an overflowing love which seeks nothing in return. And when you come to love on this level you begin to love men not because they are likeable, not because they do things that attract us, but because God loves them and here we love the person who does the evil deed while hating the deed that the person does. It is the type of love that stands at the center of the movement that we are trying to carry on in the Southland—agape

“I am quite aware of the fact that there are persons who believe firmly in nonviolence who do not believe in a personal God, but I think every person who believes in nonviolent resistance believes somehow that the universe in some form is on the side of justice. That there is something unfolding in the universe whether one speaks of it as a unconscious process, or whether one speaks of it as some unmoved mover, or whether someone speaks of it as a personal God. There is something in the universe that unfolds for justice and so in Montgomery we felt somehow that as we struggled we had cosmic companionship. And this was one of the things that kept the people together, the belief that the universe is on the side of justice.”

“Agape says you must go on with wise restraint and calm reasonableness but you must keep moving.”

“I never intend to adjust myself to segregation and discrimination. I never intend to adjust myself to mob rule. I never intend to adjust myself to the tragic effects of the methods of physical violence and to tragic militarism. I call upon you to be maladjusted to such things. I call upon you to be as maladjusted to such things.”

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Principals of Nonviolence (copied below) and Steps of Nonviolence -a handy bulleted list-… :

1. Nonviolence is a way of life for courageous people.
- It is active nonviolent resistance to evil.
- It is assertive spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.
- It is always persuading the opponent of the justice of your cause.
2. Nonviolence seeks to win friendship and understanding.
- The end result of nonviolence is redemption and reconciliation.
- The purpose of nonviolence is the creation of the Beloved Community.
3. Nonviolence seeks to defeat injustice, not people.
- Nonviolence holds that evildoers are also victims.
4. Nonviolence holds that voluntary suffering can educate and
- Nonviolence willingly accepts the consequences of its acts.
- Nonviolence accepts suffering without retaliation.
- Nonviolence accepts violence if necessary, but will never inflict it.
- Unearned suffering is redemptive and  has  tremendous educational and
transforming possibilities.
- Suffering can have the power to convert the enemy when reason fails.
5. Nonviolence chooses love instead of hate.
- Nonviolence resists violence of the spirit as well as of the body.
- Nonviolent love gives willingly, knowing that the return might be hostility.
- Nonviolent love is active, not passive.
- Nonviolent love does not sink to the level of the hater.
- Love for the enemy is how we demonstrate love for ourselves.
- Love restores community and resists injustice.
- Nonviolence recognizes the fact that all life is interrelated.
6. Nonviolence believes that the universe is on the side of justice.
- The nonviolent resister has deep faith that justice will eventually win.

Tributes to Martin Luther King Jr by Delawer-Omar

Keep making art!!!
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Group Info

This is DA's platform for "activists" and "conceptual artists"; for artists or art lovers everywhere who see creativity as a tool in "making the world a better place". "Nonviolence" is a broad term that here refers to the core goals or things shared in common with the efforts of people everywhere to address the interconnected and multidisciplinary problems of the world. Included in this list are words such as social, political, culture, environmental conservation, and many other things. Everything is interconnected, whether your goal is to save elephants, bring awareness to the suffering of others, foster understanding and friendship, cultivate a sense of purpose or belonging, fight global warming, or create a culture of stewardship. You are welcome to share your work and ideas here. This place is useful in discovering other members on DA. Keep your eye on our group to see what DA's activists artists are creating and sharing.


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-Besides art, you can also submit stamps, ideas (such as photos, journal articles, etc.) and literature.
-The Featured folder: a collection of works from the group gallery folders that are exemplary conceptually and/or aesthetically.
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